about our Clinical Pilates 'Balanced Body' rehabilitation programs

The Pilates Method of exercise, which involves controlled movement using spring-tensioned equipment, was initially embraced by the dance world in the 1920s. It provides benefits not available through traditional forms of strength training. Pilates emphasises subtle muscle control in the core (core stability) while moving the limbs. Muscles are trained to stabilise the body so it can move efficiently, without strain.

Following injury, or over time through the stresses of daily work and sporting activities, we can develop altered muscle control and faulty movement patterns. These generally affect the postural muscles and the body loses core stability. Left untreated, such “stability faults” contribute to further injury or recurring problems. Strength training using high loads does not help and may even accentuate these “stability faults”.

Clinical Pilates links the findings of current spinal stability research with the original Pilates Method. There is mounting evidence that Clinical Pilates programs designed and supervised by physiotherapists are very effective in reducing pain and disability

The focus is on efficient activation of core stability muscles under low loads, to correct stability faults.

At Manly Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre, our Clinical Pilates ”Balanced Body” programs specifically address faulty movement patterns and poor muscle control. Our Pilates Clinicians are all experienced physiotherapists who will help you identify and re-train the affected muscles to prevent further problems.

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You will benefit from Clinical Pilates if you:

have had a sport/work injury and would like to resume activity without ongoing problems

have had joint surgery and need rehabilitation

have had previous treatment but still experience recurring pain

have tried other forms of exercise but still have movement problems

are unsure if you are activating your core muscles correctly

need core stability training to help improve performance in the gym or playing sport

have osteoporosis and would like to maintain bone density

have arthritic joints and want to keep them moving
are pregnant and would like to maintain optimal abdominal tone

have had a baby and would like to restore abdominal tone

you want to improve your posture and flexibility

you simply want to keep active and exercise for maximum effect in a safe environment