why go to a physio?

Manly Physiotherapy

Poor work postures, muscle and tendon injuries and general conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and stroke can all lead to a progressive loss of physical function. Along with pain, we develop an imbalance in muscle control. Typically the smaller muscles that support our joints (postural muscles) become less active, while the muscles that move us become over-active and tend to tighten.

Joint instability and faulty movement patterns can keep us in a cycle of pain and disability.

A typical example of this is when we sprain an ankle. Our ligaments may heal but without muscle re-training, we are left with an unstable ankle with poor balance reactions, which pre-disposes us to going over again on the ankle!

At Manly Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre, our therapists are ‘body repair specialists’ trained to identify and treat these faulty movement patterns. We use drug-free techniques including electrotherapy and acupuncture for pain relief, combined with manual therapy and exercise to restore muscle control and improve movement patterns.

Exercise programs devised for clients may be home-based or clients may elect to join our Clinical Pilates “Balanced Body” classes for faster results. We also teach self-management strategies that may include taping for sport or modifying training, work or household activities in order to prevent problems recurring.

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