Manly Physiotherapy

general physiotherapy services

Physiotherapists are recognised by the medical profession as experts in the treatment of lifestyle, sports and work related problems. From treating sprained ankles to teaching a wheelchair-bound victim of a paragliding accident in Nepal to walk again, we are here to help you recover and get you back to the lifestyle you enjoy.

We help people of all ages, from the young to the elderly.

We offer the treatment and management of:

    sports injuries
    work-related injuries
low back pain
neck pain and headaches
    whiplash and associated disorders
    overuse injuries (e.g. shin pain)
    chest and sinus congestion
post-operative rehabilitation
     (e.g. after hip, knee or shoulder surgery)


Manly Physiotherapy

Manly Physiotherapy

specialised services

We also offer specialised services including:

    Clinical Pilates “Balanced Body” Rehabilitation classes
    sports specific rehabilitation programs
work re-training exercise programs
    osteoporosis exercise programs
fitting of orthotics to correct poor foot biomechanics
    postural assessments and corrective exercise programs
    pre-sports screening assessments
    management of adolescent growth spurts

    acupuncture, cupping therapy and dry needling
    plaster application / removal

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Manly Physiotherapy

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio tape is highly elastic and when applied correctly is very effective in facilitating activity in muscles that have become weak or inhibited as a result of an acute injury.

Kinesio tape may also be used to re-train muscle activity where there has been chronic muscle inhibition. We have found it particularly effective for rehabilitating inhibited Quadriceps (thigh) and Gluteals (buttocks), as well as correcting scapula posture and rotator cuff weakness in the shoulder.