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Manly Physiotherapy

Partners Leanne MacHielse & Ros Chow provide postgraduate expertise in Sports Physiotherapy, Manipulative Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates. Regular attendance at conferences keeps our team members up to date with the latest treatments and research findings. 

Joint mobilisation, deep tissue massage, neural 'mobilisation' and home exercises are favoured techniques. We help our clients to understand their condition and how to best manage it so they can learn to administer self-treatment at home and therefore reduce unnecessary visits to the Centre. Advice is given about taping, modifying sport, work activities, computer set-up and work postures to help prevent the problem from recurring.

We treat the underlying causes of pain, not just the pain.

Equipment-based Clinical Pilates “Balanced Body” exercise classes are available as an adjunct, to help facilitate speedy recovery or simply to help clients keep strong, mobile and healthy. The classes are delivered in small groups, supervised by a physiotherapist. To maximise results, each client is given an individual program targeting their specific problem areas and helping them to achieve specific goals.

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