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Kinesio Taping
Have you seen tennis players or footballers sporting colourful tapes on their legs? ...more



We offer the treatment and management of:
    sports injuries
    work injuries
lower back pain
neck pain and 

We also offer
    Clinical Pilates
sports specific

    fitting of orthotics
    Kinesio taping


Our Team

Partners Leanne MacHielse & Ros Chow established Manly Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre in April 1988 .....more


1 Whistler Street
Manly NSW 2095

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     (02) 9977 2689
     (02) 9976 2666


We have moved to brand new modern premises at Manly 


    We're Excited!

     We are now associated with

        MGS Physio



manly physiotherapy & sports injuries centre

At Manly Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre, we encourage our clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle by keeping physically fit and active. If an injury prevents them from doing so, our job is to help them return to their favourite activity as soon as possible.

Our Centre has a two-decade history of helping clients return to an active lifestyle after injury. We are very much “hands-on” practitioners skilled in treating all types of physical problems. Our treatment approach takes into account the body as a whole, as well as the specific demands of the client's sport, work or leisure pursuits.

We encourage a balance between early return to activity and the necessary healing process. We are experienced in treating people of all ages. Whether you’ve hurt your back gardening or you’re an elite athlete or a recreational one, whatever joint or muscle problem you may have, we can help relieve your pain and get you moving again.

The Centre is conveniently located near Manly Wharf and has a brand new studio equipped with state of the art Pilates equipment. As well as being used for rehabilitation, our Clinical Pilates “Balanced Body” Programs are ideal for clients who simply seek a safe and challenging form of exercise, under the guidance of a physiotherapist. We cater for all levels of ability.